MySheetzLife – Employees Login Portal Step-By-Step Procedure [Full Guide]

Mysheetzlife is a specific portal that is dedicated to employees. The user can access it to manage things like tax forms, getting major updates happening across the organization. MysheetzLife is a portal that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of all Sheetz Inc., employees. The company is one of the renowned brands in the United States and has been owned by the Sheetz family since its inception in 1952.

Sheetz Inc. is one of the best convenience store chains in and across the Eastern coast of the United States. It has a very good presence across six states in the United States and employs close to 20000 employees across its stores. Apart from customer experience, the company also gives very good importance to its employees by providing various benefits.

In simple words, it is a simple website for employees to maintain their documents as well as getting posted with the latest news within the organization.

Mysheetzlife portal also makes it easier for supervisors to monitor the performance of employees under them. Also, this will ensure that there are no communication gaps between supervisors and their corresponding subordinates. This will, in turn, help the organization to reach their set goals for a fiscal year.

Who are the users of Mysheetzlife

Mysheetzlife is for Sheetz Inc. employees only. In order to access the portal, you have to be a worker in some capacity in Sheetz Inc. In case if you are a new employee that joined the firm recently, you can approach your supervisor or HR team. They can help you out to get the necessary details like username and password to log in to the portal.

All in all, it is a single portal for all the employees of Sheetz Inc. for easy management of their tasks, personal documents like tax forms amongst the benefits.

How to Login to MySheetzLife at

Mysheetzlife is actually pretty easy to navigate unless you are new to the internet. Get the official link for your login and a relevant username and password details to access the portal. Once you have all the data, you are good to go and log into the site. Here is the stepwise detailed login procedure for Mysheetzlife.

  • Enter the official link into the web browser. You can use any of Google Chrome/Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Once enter the site, enter the username and password into the form and click on Login.


  • For first time users, it is recommendable to change your password after a successful login. For normal users, you are good to access the site right away.
  • In case, if you forgot your password, then click “Forgot My Password” and follow the process to reset the password.


The portal users after log in will have access to various features that were discussed earlier in the article. In simple words, it completely maintains our professional data in Sheetz Inc at a single place.

Please note that mobile users also can follow the above-mentioned steps for logging into Mysheetzlife. The procedure remains the same for “Forgot My Password” also. Please enter relevant and correct data when you forgot your password for easy recovery.

Employee & Company Benefits

Sheetz Inc always has prioritized making sure that employees get their benefits for all the hard work they put in. It is them who helped Sheetz become the brand that they are today. So with the portal like MySheetzLife, there are benefits for both the company and employees. Here are some of the benefits that we are talking about.

  • Flawless Communication

The company can always keep all their employees posted about their vision and updates about the company’s policy. Also, it will be easy to make sure that the workers are aware of all the latest happenings at management level like acquisitions or entry into new markets.

This will add value to the company as the employees feel they are more connected to their employer in a way. The company can also put out news and will be guaranteed that the news reaches out to employees in the purest form.

  • Organizing Employee Data

With a portal like Mysheetzlife, the maintenance of employee data becomes much easier. For example, if a person is working at a certain outlet and the company wants to find his details. Then it could be just a click away with this portal. MySheetzLife makes life very easy for the company to manage employee data.

On the other hand, the employees can handle their data and fill their tax forms, etc. in the portal. This makes the hectic work like tax forms much easier for the employee.

  • Monitoring and setting goals

The portal can be used to monitor the working hours of the staff across all outlets. This will ensure that there is no extra burden that is being posted on any individual employee in Sheetz. On the other hand, with the goals set by the higher management for every fiscal year, the goals can be set at the individual level in a much easier way.

This, in turn, helps in increasing the efficiency of employees across the company. With better output, the company will continue to thrive for a long foreseeable future.

About Sheetz Inc

Sheetz wasТ founded by G. Robert “Bob” SheetzТ back in 1952. It started as a single outlet and has now grown into one of the finest convenience stores and coffee shops chains across six states. Robert Bob Sheetz brought one of the dairy stores from his father.

The journey of Sheetz began that day. The going was a little tough at the beginning but Robert got the support of his brother Steve in 1961. Steve worked as a part-time worker at the store. Two years later, they were able to open the second store and named it “Sheetz Kwik Shopper”. Once they opened their third store in 1968, the brothers have set a target of expansion at 1 store per year. Soon by 1972, they managed to expand to seven stores.

Their rise has been rapid ever since. By 1983, Sheetz had over 100 stores and once the firm is stabilized, Steve was handed over the duties of maintaining it as Bob took retirement. The company today manages stores across close to 600 locations. They also employ close to 20000 employees across their stores and shops. They have a strong foothold in six states namelyТ Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina.

Started as a convenience store, Sheetz today has a business in fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and Gas stations. In fact, they became the first company in 1973 to deliver first self-serve gas pumps in central Pennsylvania when they entered the gasoline business. Apart from these, there are few other chains related to food and beverages which are comparatively smaller wings of the company.

As of 2018, the company has a turnover ofТ $7.2 billion and continues to grow big Year on Year. The growth has been impressive and the Sheetz family continues to hold the company. The firm is under Sheetz’s family control and is run privately. Joseph S. Sheetz was appointed as president and CEO of company whileТ Stan Sheetz became Chairman of the Board of Sheetz back in 2013. The duo continues to make sure that Sheetz remains to be one of the household brands in Pennsylvania and surroundings.

  • Support

In case if you are still facing any issues with the MysheetzLife portal, there is alwaysТ Customer Service staff that are willing to help you. From not able to possess a password to every other doubt or problem that you are facing with the portal, you can contact them. They will be more than happy to help you with a hassle-free usage of Mysheetzlife.

You can write to them on email or you can even call in case of urgent help. In a phone call, one of the customer service executives will clear your doubts immediately. The number to which you need to dial for MysheetzLife portal helpline-Т 800 487 5444. They can support you on various issues and extend their help on priority.


MySheetzLife is a must portal for all the employees in Sheetz Inc. It is always recommendable to use a portal that is provided by the employer. It makes things so much easier for the employees in that organization. On the other hand, the company will also benefit in multiple ways as said earlier in this article.

The employees get a sense of organizational belongingness when they use a portal on a daily basis. Every company should definitely have a portal like MySheetzLife for a hassle-free experience to both management and employees.